As I continue my journey as a future educator, I will posting more resources as I go. For now, enjoy this resource, it’s easy to use!

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The National Gallery of Art is a website that can help teachers plan lessons for the classroom. There are a variety of activities from kindergarten to college/university that teachers are able to use. All of the lessons are focused on art; however, they are combined with other subjects such as math, science, history, and writing. Each lesson page has a piece of art or element of art that relates to the activity and sub sections: curriculum connections (ex. Science or math); materials needed for the activity; warm-up question for the students; background of the art piece or element being used; a guided practice that asks questions about the piece of art or element; the activity; and then an extension of the activity. There is a free loan program that lets everyone use their resources and if people create an account there are more resources that people are able to use such as teaching packs, videos, downloadable images, and more.