Year 1 Field Experience

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My field experience was spent at W.F Ready School. We spent every Tuesday there for 7 weeks and my partner and I have learned many things from the teacher and the students.

Our first day was with a sub and for the most part we observed the students and saw their individual personalities. The classroom teacher left a schedule for the day including the different needs and different activities for some students. For example some have EAL in the morning and she also had pronunciation for some of the students names which was very helpful. The morning was spent reading a book aloud and working on spelling. We were just walking around the classroom observing and seeing if anyone needed help. During the subs prep we assisted that class in going to the library with them to see how their routine worked. Unlike the morning, we did interact with the students as much because their routine consisted of finding a book and reading until everyone was finished. They then moved on to reading another story aloud with the librarian.

The next week we met the classroom teacher. That day we were still on Day 5 so instead of going to the library again, the teacher let us experience the period next door with grade 4s. For this period they were learning math and how to multiply. It is nice to reminisce on the past because I remember learning multiplication when I was younger. I had to look at the examples on the board and to re learn the different techniques that class was learning in order for me to help a few students. Also, since we were with another teacher it was interesting to see how she interacted with the class and how she got their attention.

We got introduced to Daily Five. It is used to help students work towards a personal goal using the following methods: read to self, work on writing, read to someone, listen to reading, and word work.
For each method, the class is split into groups according to their reading level and after about 10 minutes the groups would switch to the next station.
Read to self allows students to be independent while practicing to read. In the class, the students will go off in a quiet place and read.
Work on writing stimulates the create parts of their brains as they are asked to pick a prompt and creatively write. There is a list of prompts that students can see or they are allowed to make up their own and they try to write a story about a page long.
Read to someone allows students to increase their comprehension and to be fluent readers aloud. For this method, the students will gather around a circle table with their teacher and the teacher will read along with them.
Listen to reading helps students pronounce words properly and it keeps them engaged. The students have iPad’s in the classroom and they use that to listen to words.
Word work is the opportunity for them to learn more about spelling and vocabulary. During this time, the students will get their spelling books and finish uncompleted assignments.

During week 4, we had another sub. During daily five a student decided to act up and from being with him for the past few weeks, my partner and I explained to the sub that he was not usually like this. The sub decided to call the office and the principle came down to talk to the student. Later on, the sub gave me some advice and said if a student will not listen to you then you should

My last day was on March 26th, 2018. During our last two days, I noticed that the students were starting to get used to us and they were getting our attention when they needed help. It was good to know that they were able to get comfortable with me and I enjoyed helping the students out. I found that I liked it better when I was working with students rather than observing them. This experience makes me excited for the rest of my degree and I hopefully get to experience almost all grades.