What Should be Learned in Schools

Part 1) According to the Levin article, how are school curricula developed and implemented? What new information/perspectives does this reading provide about the development and implementation of school curriculum? Is there anything that surprises you or maybe that concerns you? 

There is a whole process towards developing curriculum before it is taught in schools. I didn’t realize the amount of politics involved and the many factors or steps taken before creating the curricula. Levin describes “most curricula are organized around at least two levels of objectives—very general or broad goals and then much more specific learning activities and objectives” (p.14) A problem that arises in this article is the pressure towards teachers and what they are expected to teach. There are continuous debates about what should be taught and included in the curriculum, but is there even time to include it? As stated, “There simply are not enough hours and days in a 12 year schooling to accommodate all the areas people want children to learn” (p.14). In addition to the curriculum, topics such as bullying, obesity, racism, equality, etc., are expected to be taught. More pressure is put on instructors when topics like this arise because of the lack of education received when they spend their time concentrating on the curricula. There is no one way to satisfy everyone’s wants, but I think it is important that people are knowledgeable about the process of curriculum to understand the pressure that is put not only on educators, but everyone involved in the making of curricula. 

Part 2) After reading pages 1-4 of the Treaty Education document, what connections can you make between the article and the implementation of Treaty Education in Saskatchewan? What tension might you imagine were part of the development of the Treaty Education curriculum?

After reading the Treaty Education document, I think this is one course that people look at if it is important to teach or not, like how Levin described what subjects should be included and to what extent. In developing the Treaty Ed curriculum, I don’t think there was a big emphasis on it in schools, as the document said it was introduced in 2007. It also states that it is a mandatory subject and by looking at the outcomes, I think I have only achieved one. Recently, I do believe there have been more efforts in introducing Treaty Education, but I also think it should be introduced to parents/guardians for them to understand the importance of knowing what the treaties are, their identities, and Canada’s dark past of colonization. Moving forwards, Treaty Education should be implemented in earlier stages of schooling, like grade 6 or 7, because of the many layers that are involved. 

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